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51 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Renegades and 30th Anniversary Review Page”

  1. Got a hold of the Black Dragon today and the only difference between the one that I got from the review is the Airviper Figure. All in all a great product.

  2. I see you got your hands on an Air Viper in the Renegades CC review. Are going to add a figure pics to your Black Dragon review?

  3. is not that stalker’s colors are too light is that the colors are outdated. everybody is using digi-cammies and hasbro is still painting figures in vietnam-era camo. even they new capt. america night mission fig has digi-cammies. and steel brigade: tan pants with a blue turtleneck? serious?

  4. Hey, I like your reviews a lot man. Saved them to my HDD in fact. Only point of criticism is that youre not using the full posing potential of these guys in the pics you take….its mostly generic or relatively static poses…atleast in the reviews Ive been thru.

    these toys are getting better everytime I look at them. Now the only thing left for hasbro to make them perfect toys(for its scale and scope), is to have ball jointed hips or atleast ball joints in the knees, like the clone-wars stuff they’re making.

    How about asking this question in the next joe Q&A session.

    1. I will admit, I’ve been pushing through these latest reviews, but in general I do try to get the figures into effective poses. There were times when I actually did dio-comics with new figures in them, just to show the range of motion, but time has been too tight recently.

  5. On your review of Renegades Duke, I think the upper legs and knees are the same as Super badass Snake Eyes and 30th/PoC Stalker, and the cobra troopers. I can’t tell where below the knee comes from. That may be new tooling.

  6. Toxo-Viper was pretty hyped during the ROC period. I think he earned it, if only because he looked quite a bit different from all of the other MARS-bodied Cobra Troops at the time. He’s pretty great and I’m glad to finally see those arms go away.

  7. Is the Crimson HISS a toy tank that you can’t roll because the “fenders” above the treads rub just like it’s predecessors? If so, LAZY and PASS.

  8. The new articulation on scarlett looks like a waste. I really cant imagine much use frm it.

    I would rather that hasbro make a hip joint that rotates sideways as well. That would find a lot of appreciation.

  9. Hi Justin,

    I noticed in your review for the VAMP, that you still leave the front claw just sort of dangling in the front. I was just wondering if you noticed that there is a small hole under the front fender that allows you to clasp the claw to the front, similar to the way its shown on the box.

  10. The head sculpt of gnawgahyde looks a lot like Metallica’s James Hetfield, as he looked during the early days (sans the hair of course).

  11. Missed one little detail on the Zombie Viper figure. The alternate arms each have a finger that has turned into a hooded cobra.

  12. Why are the Storm Shadows in such limited distribution? They’re not even in the BBTS revision cases (which I just found on my doorstep last week – thank God because distribution is so awful.) Any ideas? Low production runs?

  13. Looks like your Marauders Falcon didn’t come with his bandana. Just got mine and he’s got a marauders’ redish brown bandana around his neck. It really helps eliminate that plain look and adds a nice bit of color.

  14. Hey,
    Great stuff.. i wanted to know what figure the one in the far right in the group shots in the stalker review is (the one with the green beachhead vest)

  15. I just got the new sets of the Dreadnoks and the Slaughter’s Marauders, I was not too crazy with some of the figure’s faces, but what really upsets me is reading names like Thunder, Gnaw, and Mercenary on the figure’s base/stand. Is it only me, or does anyone else thinks Hasbro has to get their s**t together?

    I am starting to get upset also at the fact that Hasbro is reusing too many body parts, and weapons on new figures. By the way, the new versions of Monkey Wrench and the Zandar got a Cobra Eel’s weapon, seriously what is Hasbro thinking?

    It is about time Hasbro comes up with a new version of Cobra-La figures. I want to see Golobulus, Pythona, Nemesis Enforcer, and four Royal Guards on a set. It will be nice to get a different version of the Royal Guards without helmets, or different uniforms as seen in the G.I. Joe movie.

    Finally, please, please, please Hasbro, get their names correct. We the FANS don’t want to see a base with the name “Nemesis Immortal” no more; it should read “Nemesis Enforcer”. No more silly mistakes…!!!


    1. They’re not ‘mistakes’ they’re Hasbro being unable to secure the rights to names. There is a product out there, or someone just registering names for patent to use later, like say a gun or skateboard named the “Nemesis Enforcer”. That’s why you end up with names like “Autobot Ratchet” because the single name is being copywritten by someone else.

  16. G.i.joe of the 1980’s to middle 1990’s were affordable, yet sturdy, simple, and durable. It still last until now, some in good condition, that i inherit them to my sons. The g.i.joe toys of today, what are they? Made with much better articulation and detailing, yet so expensive and fragile. Made specially for collectors? Where’s the spirit of good toy for everybodies’ fun? Just to be put on some shelf? What’s the point of articulated, missile firing feature etc then? I live in Indonesia, from birth up to the present. And my God, how many of us grew up with g.i.joe and transformers, to name the few. So i believe God permit, i have justification to voice my heart. And our children too.

    1. I am thirteen and I love gi joes but the people at stores always give me looks when i buy gi joes but when they see Grown men walk in and grab a armfull they smile and they say ‘More for the collection huh” Wtf has our world come to I wish kids still played with them instead of kids screwing things up what happened to the eighties way of living

  17. hey Justin i was just wondering if you have the UPCs or SKUs for the Dollar General figures so i could try to order some?

    1. Snake Eyes-6535 6975 5685

      StormShadow-6535 6975 5388

      Duke-6535 6975 5692

      CCommander-6535 6975 5566

      CobraTrooper-6535 6975 5425

      Shipwreck-6535 6975 5678

      Case-6535 6975 6255

      I went to my local DG and spoke with a manager and she ordered me a couple cases. Of course that was a while ago. I think there’s a hold on all things Joe till the movie stuff starts shipping again. Cause all she keeps telling me is “They said they’re on their way.”

  18. That 30th re(un)-paint of the PoC Iron Grenadier may not be a total waste. Swap out his big cannon for the smaller machine gun with bayonet from the PoC Grenadier, and you could have an Iron Grenadier “cadet” that hasn’t earned all of his stripes, and elite camo, yet. Put the two versions side-by-side, and you have a sort of “on-the-job-field-training” situation.

  19. It’s ironic, but those new Dollar Store figures are quite superior to a lot of what’s come about from the Retaliation line.
    What’s nice too is that the “DG” Duke is just generic looking enough to be a new “Greenshirt” army builder. I’m planning to get a few and keep them around to crew vehicle turrets and the like.

  20. As for that “running change” Snake Eyes from the discount stores… He’s not “more widely available” yet, if he ever will be at all – he’s just shown up in a couple of different places. Based on what I’ve read, it looks like these running changes are going to be even harder to find than the originals.
    And, his “minty” candy-colored green is kind of off-putting in hand. I found him and bought him, but man – I just can’t bring myself to open him. I’ve been thinking about selling him for weeks.

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