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37 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Review Page”

  1. Wow, the patterns on Zartan’s chest almost look like Sephirot placements from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. To bad this wasn’t a new Crystal Ball instead, then the symbolism would be really uncanny!

  2. Well, after I realized that Jungle Storm Shadow won’t be released anytime soon, I went ahead and ordered him as well. I’m waiting for all of these to show up.

  3. So, I just got some of these figures in the mail. They are fantastic! One question, however, what is the small feather-like accessory which comes with Zartan? It seems to fit loosely on the bird’s head. Is this some sort of headdress for the bird?

  4. I hear some of these won’t be hitting retail which would be a shame…

    A new sculpt Raptor and new Joe in one zartan figure 🙂 It would really be a loss to not see these at retail

  5. I finally got around to buying Ripcord (Desert Battle), Zartan (Desert Battle), and Snow Job (Arctic Threat) from ws_toys on eBay and they are phenomenal!!! I just got them yesterday and I personally feel that they are miles beyond the 25th and ROC stuff. Justin is right Hasbro has definitely hit their groove with these figures. I even love the re-painted actor sculpt on Zartan. I know it’s controversial, but this is the definitive Zartan figure for me. Amazing. Ripcord is a perfect 10, even with a Wayans head. And Snow Job is one of the most fun figures ever as far as play value.

  6. OK ive yet to see anyone else mention this maybe its just me but Im thinking the line should have been called G.I.Joe:SOILD. everything about this line scream metal gear t me. just rename ole` duke to SOlid Duke i Say! 🙂

  7. how come no one mentions the fact that all of a sudden since 25th Resolute, Duke now has the original “G.I.JOE” scar on his face! Is there a story behind that?

  8. I have always liked Quick-Kick he was great in the cartoon,but I hated when he died in the comic,I got him from a friend at school shortly after that issue. Anyway I see QK being more of a special ops/infiltration/training type. He doesnt fully operate under the military. After all G.I.JOE members are hand picked and I could totally see one of the Joes getting there stuntman/karate expert friend a place on the team–with Duke,Flint,& Hawks approval of course.

  9. Where are reviews for the Wave 3 figures and vehicles at? We’re already seeing what will now be Wave 4 after the first of the year. Have things fallen that far behind because of the giddiness over Renegades and the Hub, and all of the massively excessive attention being paid to that mess, or what? Just curious.

  10. Well, yeah, for ordinary folks, but I thought you were like the GI Joe guru with some connections that most of us don’t have. You know, able to net early product right before it hits and all? Anyway, just ribbing ya a little bit, lol. 😉

  11. Hey man-

    Just wanted you to know that this is one Joe fan that hits this site as a first thing when going on the Joe intel figure hunt. Thats about at least once a day. Awesome site!

    Really enjoying the POC line. Wasn’t a fan of the 25th or the movie figs…You have great reviews here on the POC that is being released….from your Snake Eyes (Desert Ops) and Lowlight reviews…I HAD to go get them online here.

    Keep up the awesome intel and info for us all.

    YO JOE!

  12. Looking at the Rock-Viper review pics, I can’t help but wonder how a ROC Tripwire head might look in terms of colors on it.
    Because I just so happen to have a spare one.

  13. Just got Lowlight monday at my Walmart. I have to agree with your review of him 100%. One of the best Gi Joe figures I ever had! I lost his removable bullet though, I wish it was packaged better to avoid misplacement.

  14. I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything but some of your weapon descriptions are way off. If you need help identifying them I am a weapons expert. Let me know if you would like my help and I will.

  15. Iron Grenadier. The “backpack” that feeds the bullets actually clips on to the underside of the gun. This is clear from the card art on the 30th figures, the back side.

  16. I agree with you about the odd colors used on the AWE Striker but I’ve been thinking of it this way: This is a vehicle that is used in a desert based outpost where new equipment, especially vehicles, is rarely ever provided for them so they often have to cannibalize scrapped vehicles in order to repair the functional but damaged ones.

  17. I don’t know if you realize this, but the Desert Battle Duke is supposed to be reminiscent of Corporal Hicks from Aliens…

  18. On the desert battle duke figure, the reason that the rocket launcher connects to the rifle is to sort of simulate when Ripley duc-taped the colonial marines gun and flame thrower.

  19. Blowtorch may actually have some relevance here if you take the Pursuit of Cobra and 30th Anniversary lines together. If Cobra is experimenting with weaponized chemical or biological processes (a.k.a. “Compound Z”) to create undead soldiers, Blowtorch would be useful for eliminating said substances. Extremely hot temperatures, such as those produced by chemical fire, are ideal for destroying biological and chemical toxins with a minimum of residual left behind.

    Also, projected fire is insanely effective in confined spaces, like caves or bunkers where Cobra would hide…

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