Toy Fair Report Part 2 – Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles (Alpha and Bravo)

To go along with the Pursuit of Cobra figures, we have 2 assortments of Alpha vehicles and 2 assortments of Bravo vehicles.  Now, there’s a lot that was seen at JoeCon that isn’t here…  that absolutely amazing motorcycle/armor suit?  Probably slated for 2011, from what the Hasbro reps told us.  The HISS Scout wasn’t nearly as desirable to me, but I’d imagine that either has the same fate, or may not end up happening at all.  No big loss in my mind.
The Alphas will retail for $14.99 while the Bravos clock in at $24.99, and initial waves should be hitting in August.
What we did see is the following:
Alpha Wave 1

  • Ghost Hawk w/ Tomahawk – Some very cool retooled parts on the Sky Hawk and a new character made of some rehashed parts makes for a very cool new addition to the Joe arsenal.
  • Doom Cycle w/ Storm Rider – A new Dreadnok with an amazing new Chopper.  The bike looks to have all new tooling with some great shotguns in the handle, and the Dreadnok driver has a great combination of new and existing tooling.  Very cool.

Alpha Wave 2

  • AWE Striker w/ Night Fox – Pretty interesting recolored AWE Striker in a more night ops color deco with a new character by the name of Night Fox.  Another cobbled together figure with existing parts, but still has some cool new elements.  I might be in the minority, but I’m always interested in seeing some new blood.
  • Ice Cutter w/ Snow Serpent Officer – Press photos showed the officer looking like the TRU Snow Serpent, but he’s actually without camouflage and with some very cool red colored webgear.  The Ice Cutter isn’t a bad looking vehicle (working treads!) overall.

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Bravo Wave 1

  • Wolfhound w/ Whiteout – Initially slated to appear in the Rise of Cobra line, but then pushed back, the Wolfhound now makes it into the Pursuit of Cobra line pretty much intact with a fairly “blah” worthy driver in Whiteout.  Nothing really to write home about.
  • HISS w/ HISS Driver Officer – This is just about the polar opposite.  Absolutely incredible looking new vehicle and play features like crazy and a whole TON of fun to boot.  THIS is what G.I. Joe vehicles should be all about.

Bravo Wave 2

  • Cobra Fury w/ Alley-Viper – We’ve seen quite a bit of this item already, and it looks relatively unchanged.  A neat addition, but not much more, in my book.
  • VAMP w/ Double Clutch – This on the other hand fills me with awesomeness.  New tooling, once again filled to the brim with play features, and with an interesting updated version of the classic VAMP driver.  An awesome looking new vehicle, to be sure.

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1 thought on “Toy Fair Report Part 2 – Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles (Alpha and Bravo)”

  1. I’m slightly dissapointed they painted almost the entire canopy of the Ghost Hawk, but that is still the must-have vehicle for me. Interesting name for the driver; I thought he was another Lift Ticket, and he ends up getting the name of Lift Ticket’s old vehicle, the Tomahawk.
    Love the new Vamp.
    The two-position gimmick on the HISS reminds me of Destro’s DEMON. I do like this HISS redesign a lot better than any of the others (thought the original will always be iconic) but I wish they had made the Resolute version instead.
    Though I don’t really see myself buying the Doom Cycle or Ice Cutter, it is great to see new vehicle designs from Hasbro. I think they will be popular.
    Now as for the AWE Striker, Wolfhound and Fury, they just aren’t different enough from the originals. I get the feeling these will be the shelf warmers.

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