Toy Fair Report Part 1 – Pursuit of Cobra Figures

Toy Fair this year was a subdued affair, with it being a non-movie year and at a slower pace than 2009, but that didn’t reflect in the enthusiasm of the Hasbro reps, or in the level of product.  Yes, a lot of what we’ve seen here has already been seen, but that doesn’t take anything away from the beauty of some of these Pursuit of Cobra toys.  These things are just amazing.  You think the pictures look nice?  In person, they will blow you away.
The lowdown for the rest of 2010 is essentially 2 waves of main line figures, 2 waves of Alpha vehicles, and 2 waves of Bravo Vehicles.  Single packs MSRP is $5.99, Alphas are $14.99, Bravos are $24.99, and the Mech Suits are $19.99.
The best thing shown today, by far, though were the Resolute 7-packs.  Being solicited as online exclusives ( the same vendors as the COBRA Island 7-Packs) they do a great job blending new and existing tooling and getting a great representation of the Resolute characters.  All of these items should start hitting for August store resets and will be sold throughout the rest of 2010.  The images for the first two waves of single pack figures are below…
Pursuit of Cobra Single Packs – Wave 1
Wave 1 consists of:

  • Duke (Jungle Assault) – Same as we saw, with a new retooled head (that looks great)
  • Snake Eyes (Desert Battle) – Same as we saw.  Timber features a play action tail…when pressed down, his jaw opens and head turns!
  • Snow Job (Arctic Threat) – Same as we’ve seen.
  • Beachhead (City Strike) – Appears to be the same as was shown at JoeCon
  • Alley-Viper (City Strike) – Tooling from the Cobra Island version, but in awesome new gray and red paint scheme.  Also comes with Resolute Alley-Viper helmet and goggles!
  • Firefly (City Strike) – Same as we’ve seen
  • Cobra Commander (Jungle Assault) – Chase figure.  Will NOT be impossible to find.  Not as hard as the Clear Wraith, probably more along the lines of white/black coat Dr. Rex Lewis.  The retail version will NOT come with that cool as hell HISS Drone.  Hasbro is trying to figure out where to work that into the line.
  • Storm Shadow (Desert Battle) – Obviously quite different than the version we thought we were getting, but still looks pretty amazing.  Uses RoC Arctic Storm Shadow tooling underneath some cool new ceremonial gear.

[nggallery id=735]
[nggallery id=733]
Wave 2 consists of:

  • Dusty (Desert Battle) – New tooling with swappable heads!  One has a great looking gas mask and the other one is uncovered.  Some very nice looking gear.
  • Recondo (Jungle Battle) – Same as we’ve seen from JoeCon.
  • Destro (Arctic Threat) – Appears to be the same one from JoeCon
  • Snake Eyes (City Strike?) – I’m guessing on the “City Strike”.  I know we’ve already gotten a City Strike version, I honestly have no idea where this one fits, just that he looks pretty cool, even for just another Snake Eyes.  The armor looks kinda clunky, and he actually doesn’t blend remarkably well with the rest of the PoC theme, but something about him does look kind of neat, and kind of “Sigma 6” in a way.
  • Zartan (Desert Battle) – Almost the same as what we’ve seen, but with a new non-Arnold Vosloo head sculpt.
  • Jungle-Viper (Jungle Assault) – Same bad assed sniper that we saw from JoeCon,

[nggallery id=736]
[nggallery id=734]
Of course, obvious by their absenses are Ripcord (Desert Battle), Storm Shadow (Jungle Assault), Shadow Tracker (Jungle Assault), Scarlett (City Strike), Heavy Duty (Desert Battle) and Duke (Arctic Threat).  There may have been others missing, too, that I don’t recall off the top of my head.  Hasbro couldn’t verify any future status, but seemed pretty confident that figures which contained a lot of tooling would see future release in the line, most likely in 2011.  I know that’s small comfort to the fans who are out there clamoring to see some of these great looking figures, but that’s all we have at this point.  If I had to guess, I’d say figures like the City Strike Scarlett and Desert Battle Heavy Duty are probably destined for the scrap heap, simply because no new tooling was really invested in any of their production.  However, figures like Ripcord, Shadow Tracker, Arctic Duke, etc… will probably come out in one way or another, whether it’s their gear being included with someone else, or perhaps just a different head sculpt and different character.
Here’s hoping there’s a bit more intel at JoeCon.
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7 thoughts on “Toy Fair Report Part 1 – Pursuit of Cobra Figures”

  1. I don’t know if City Strike Scarlett is that doomed, really, because she has all sorts of new weapons that seem to not yet have been reassigned, like those tonfa swords.

  2. Man, I am soooooooo happy right now.
    Duke !!!!! It’s you again, I’ve missed you. No crummy actors faces to pollute my toyline. So very happy.
    And holy crap these figures are awesome. Dusty and Beachhead are just unbelievable. Saving up money now! That armored up Snake Eyes is just really cool as well.
    I do have two quibbles though. That Desert Ripcord we’ve seen is so awesome, please release him, with a different head would be even better. and second, what’s with Zartan? Is this supposed to be different than the one we’ve seen? If not all the changes they made to the colors were for the worse.
    But overall I couldn’t be happier. I thought after RoC Joe was dead to me. Thank you Hasbro, for at least giving us longtime fans something to look forward to. Now if only they’d fire all those involved in teh first movie and start over….ah well, can’t have it all.

  3. Well, I love what we’ve seen. Where can we see pictures of those figures missing from Toy Fair which appeared at Joe-Con? I don’t remember a few of those.
    And just letting folks know, prototypes of a few of these figures can be had on ebay for 12.99 with shipping. Just do some searching for them on ebay. I know Jungle Assault Ripcord and Jungle Stike Storm Shadow are out there.
    I’m not sure how I feel about changing the heads to non movie heads. Regardless of the actor’s acting abilities, I was getting accustomed to the likenesses of the ROC universe. Not a big problem, as I could always pick up some extra heads for cheap and swap them out if I so desired. I like how Resolute stuff fits into the resolute Universe, and I think the rest of the stuff should be designated for Anniversary or Movie-verse, kind of like how Star Wars has Clone wars, Legacy, and Vintage collection.
    Otherwise, I am excited to see these and cannot wait until August! (or earlier…)

  4. I find it strange you guys had no problem switching to accepting the actors heads on the new Joe figures after 25 years of a different face, but now after less than a year you’re upset that they aren’t staying the same? Wha?
    Wish I would of known though….I’ve chucked every movie head into the garbage and replaced it with what it should have (IMO). Guess I should of kept them…..but, I will do so with anymore I buy (I’m still looking for several RoC ones). Maybe you guys can use them. And while I’m saying that….I also chuck the missile launcher thingies that come with each figure in the garbage…so if anyone wants those let me know.

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